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Five Entrepreneurial Realities

5 Entrepreneurial Realities to Strengthen Your Resolve (or send you running)

Entrepreneurship is equally exciting, terrifying, fulfilling and draining. For the right person, it’s the only worthwhile path. But not everyone...

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How Lean Concepts Can Help You Launch

Launch Anxiety? Why Lean Startup Concepts Bust Fear

Even if we’re very creative and and get a lot done, there are usually one or two projects that anxiety...

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Kudos from Clients

Unlocked Box clients are entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners who want to shake mountains – here’s what they have to say:

“Susan helped me unlock the potential I’d buried for years.”

Less then one year after coaching began: I developed a parent empowerment program called “I Want to Know” which gained the attention of MADD Maryland and Virginia, both of which have now partnered with me. I’m also co-authoring two books, make my own hours and have time to create all the ideas I back-burnered for so long. Had it not been for Unlocked Box, I would have done the “safe thing” rather than taking the leap.”

– Arlene Hackbarth, newbie serial entrepreneur

“Susan held the space for me to stretch beyond my self-imposed limits.” 

“Susan held the space for me to stretch beyond my self-imposed limits. My work with Susan exceeded all my expectations. I knew she was the ideal coach for helping me to excavate the limitations that kept me from holding the most expansive vision for where I am taking my work in the future. In just three sessions, we established my goal, what stood in the way of the realization of that goal and the resolution and release of those limitations.”

– Lori Rutledge, consultant & shaman

“Susan’s workshop was one of best our team has ever attended.” 

“Susan did a fabulous job creating and conducting a recent training for 52 front-line managers within our organization. She developed a workshop that incorporated a variety of learning styles, hands-on experiential learning and take-away exercises for our managers to implement right away. Many attendees shared that this was one of the best trainings they had ever attended.”

– Penny Lynch, director of residential services, Bello Machre