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A Month of Creative Dialogue & Big Brain Thinking

Sharing creative ideasThose of you who read this blog regularly already know that I’m a huge fan of Fast Company magazine, and the current issue (Listen Up!/Speak Up!) is just one of example of why.

So this week, I’m sharing the link to Fast Company’s online version because it’s just packed with interesting dialogues about innovation and creativity in the workplace, featuring some of the brightest (read: bravest) minds around.

I say “bravest,” as the definition of “brightest,” because none of us should think for a second that anyone featured in this magazine is any brighter than we are when it comes to creativity. If you think about it, Fast Company would not even tackle topics on innovation if everyone in business had creativity wired.

The truth is that we all deal with the same types of creative saboteurs when we attempt to stick our necks out. And we ALL fail. In fact, for every great idea, there are countless others that:

  1. just plain flopped
  2. the creator killed because she or he was scared
  3. corporate killed because those in charge were scared
  4. never saw the light of day because they were
    “but-ed” to death in their infancy
  5. never even materialized as even the teeniest of
    sparks because the creator didn’t create a safe space for herself or himself to
    explore anything other than the status quo

I hope you enjoy the Fast Company articles you’ll find at the link below– or that you’ll pick up a hard-copy version at the bookstore (the front and back are both actually front covers – you read one way for Listen Up, and the other way for Speak Up). The dialogues featured are truly inspiring and provide lots of clues that none of us are alone in trying to push our creativity, or in wanting so much to take bigger chances.

Fast Company Magazine: Listen Up, Speak Up, Feb 2013

To having creative conversations – more often and out loud,

Susan B.