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5 Entrepreneurial Realities to Strengthen Your Resolve (or send you running)

Five Entrepreneurial Realities

Entrepreneurship is equally exciting, terrifying, fulfilling and draining.

For the right person, it’s the only worthwhile path. But not everyone who feels that way is prepared for what it really takes to bring a vision to life.

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Launch Anxiety? Why Lean Startup Concepts Bust Fear

How Lean Concepts Can Help You Launch

Even if we’re very creative and and get a lot done, there are usually one or two projects that anxiety or fear have stopped us from starting or finishing.

We’re still able to produce, so it can be easy to convince ourselves that it’s okay that these particular projects are stalled.

And it might actually be okay, if it wasn’t for one thing:

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Aliens for Innovation

Earlier this year, I shared a few questions you can ask yourself or your team to spark innovation. These questions are great because they immediately help you find real problems to solve – to pinpoint where innovation is needed.

But they are only one place to start. And possibly not even the best place.

The problem is that some questions take you straight to logic and the real real world, when what’s often needed more is real imagining.

After all, if standing in uncertaintly, in the uncomfortable place of not-knowing, is imperative for creativity, then certainty and knowing (highly related to logic and the real world) kinda get in the way.

Sometimes, it can be best to start by letting go of everything you know and looking at your business, products, services and/or creations from a total blank – with no real-world references or logic holding you back.

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Quoting Seth Godin

Not that long ago, I wrote a post on Seth Godin’s new book, The Icarus Deception. The post was full of quotes I loved from the book and I enjoyed writing it immensely. It also got a good response and I felt GREAT about that – at least, for a minute.

Because a day or so later I was listening to a podcast interview with Godin and was about to pull up my Twitter and tweet out a quote when I had a big, fat ah-ha moment. I thought:

Am I going to spend my life quoting OTHER people who are sticking their necks out, or am I going to stick my own neck out?

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10 Questions for Moving Forward

10 Move You Forward Questions

Deciding to stop doing what you’ve been doing for a long time and moving forward and onto something new is no easy task – and all the pros and cons lists in the world do little to move most of us forward.

What does seem to make a difference in moving forward, though, are the simple, but powerful questions we ask ourselves, or are asked by others, that allow for quick and deep gut checks, monumental perspective shifts and swift saboteur management.

Here are 10 Move-You-Forward Questions for Endings and Beginnings  that have helped me and my clients get inspired and in motion when it was time to close one door and open another.

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What Are You Waiting For?

How to Move Forward with Your Big IdeaI just shared a Venture Beat article on the Unlocked Box Facebook page titled, When to Quit Your Job and Become an Entrepreneur:

Reading it took me back 8 years to my experience quitting my “real” job in advertising to launch Unlocked Box – in particular, to thinking about what I used as my own “it’s time to quit” criteria.

I love the 3 benchmarks listed in the article, and I’d also add one or two of my own to the author’s – which made me curious:

If you have an idea in the wings or a side biz you want to make your full-time gig eventually:

What are you waiting for? What’s your personal “it’s time to quit” criteria?

Share your quitting benchmarks in a comment to this post!

To waiting no more + smart action,

Susan B.


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Elevator Speech: The One Time When Being Clear Makes Your Marketing Bomb

How to Write an Elevator SpeechWhether you’re developing your personal brand or your business brand, there is likely one marketing must-have that you’ve thought about a TON, created multiple versions of and, quite possibly, haven’t yet nailed.

It’s the Elevator Speech.

And if you have written one – or tried to – you already know it’s one of the most difficult marketing pieces to do well.

To understand why, take a look at the definition of an elevator speech in conjunction with its context (when it’s most commonly used):

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Your Personal Culture of Creativity – The Attitude of Attraction

Creating a Culture that Supports Creativity



Of all the things you can consciously design into your Personal Culture of Creativity, attitude is probably the most important.

Not only for supporting and exploding your own creative potential, but also for encouraging greater creativity from those around you, as well as for increasing the synergy that can occur when two or more people create together.

Who you are being at any given moment determines:

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Designing Your Personal Culture of Creativity

How to Design a Creative CultureCreating a culture that supports creativity and innovation isn’t just for large organizations. It’s imperative for us – individuals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs – for anyone who wants better, bigger, bolder ideas in their lives and their work.

It’s for anyone who wants to make stuff happen.

The reason why consciously creating a culture of creativity is so important is pretty simple:

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Fall, Death & Creativity

Using the seasons to get creativeWhat is it about that first hit of crisp air that sparks my desire to create?

And I know I’m not alone.

January and the beginning of fall are the two times of the year that we all hear the most talk about new beginnings, commitments and creations. Even though fall is actually the beginning of the dying process in nature, for us (in business and in life ), it feels like time to imagine, plan and realize potential.

But aren’t those things (visioning what’s next/making plans) part of a dying process, too?

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