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Love – The Foundation for a Bold, Creative Brand

Why love is the foundation of a strong brand.I spend a lot of my coaching time working with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small biz owners to develop (and then execute against) their platform for success.

This may mean their life purpose, their personal brand, their business brand or all of these, but whatever it is we’re working toward in this arena, my clients all seem to have a similar desire in common:

They want to be visible, they want to be known, they want to stand for something important and stand for it loud and strong. They want, as Seth Godin says, to make a ruckus.

So, how do you create a brand platform that’s capable of garnering that kind of attention; that immediately defines you and/or or your business (giving your audiences something tangible to grab onto); that gets you remembered?

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The Incalculable Value of Investing in Your Ideas

Investing in Your Ideas

Creativity in business and life comes at a cost.

Whether it’s money, time, both or something else, if you have an idea and you want to see it realized, you’re going to need to invest in it.

But here’s the thing: There are no guarantees, right?

You can do everything you can to minimize risk, but you can’t get rid of it altogether.

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Making Time for Creativity & Innovation – How to Make Sure What’s Most Important Get’s Tackled

How to make time for innovation and creativity

I used to wake up mornings with my to-do list well in check and plenty of early morning time planned to work on the projects that were most important for moving my business, Unlocked Box, forward.

Typically, though, ten short minutes in and my plan got shot to hell.

And it was only because of one small thing I used to do right after my Starbucks and right before getting started: Open my email.

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Not Letting Your Talent Stop You from Finding Your What’s Next

How to move onto what's next

TRAPPED BY OUR TALENT:  Just because you’re exceptional at it, doesn’t mean you need to keep doing it.

Recently, I was reminded how tough it can be to change directions. Especially, when you’re great at what you do – and have even loved doing it for a long time. When this is the case, finding your what’s next can be really challenging.

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15-Minute Creativity – Busting Beliefs About the Need for Big Blocks of Time

How to carve out time for creativity and innovation

The idea behind the Summer Creativity Project Pact experiment (which will come to a close in just over a week) was to explore the impact of “going public” on creative productivity, and even though the number of participants wasn’t enough to get scientific, a theme has emerged: Most of us think we have WAY more time than we really do.

I know. Shocker!

But it does trigger the question: What drives this? Why do we tend to run out of time when it comes to our biggest, most important creative projects?

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Creativity and Innovation in Business – Getting Creative with Culture, Operations and More

How to design a culture that supports creativity and innovationWhen we talk about creativity in business (whether we’re entrepreneurs, small business owners, in the corporate world or creative professionals), the focus is typically on how to generate more and better ideas. Yet, the ability to generate more and better ideas relies on a more foundational conversation:

The environment or culture necessary for creativity and innovation.

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Creating Time to be Creative – Resources for Helping You Produce Your Ideas

Resources for Entrepreneurs for Greater Creativity and InnovationNot that long ago, I shared a quote related to the idea that creative people need to learn to say NO:

“Saying ‘no’ has more creative power than ideas, insights and talent combined. No one guards time, the thread from which we weave our creations. The math of time is simple: you have less than you think and need more than you know.” – Kevin Ashton

While the context around this quote was about guarding time by not agreeing to do things that will cause us to lose our creative development time, there’s another side of the JUST SAY NO story.

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The Creativity Paradox: What Perspective Serves You Best – Right Now?

Supporting Your Creative GrowthCreativity is full of paradox. In fact, the “rules,” philosophies, guidelines and perspectives for creative success often contradict each other:

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Why are Creativity and Innovation Worth Talking About?

Commiting to Playing a Bigger GameIn his latest book, The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?, Seth Godin writes about the “New Scarcity.” He states:

Why Make Art? Because you must. The new connected economy demands it and will reward you for nothing else. Because you can. Art is what it is to be human.”

His premise is that to survive, we have to realize that the old industrial model is slipping away. That the actions we took in the old economy for success don’t scale any more; that if we want real results and, more importantly, fulfillment, it’s time to recognize and realize the artist within; that creativity and innovation are what’s being called for – desperately and RIGHT NOW.

Godin continues:

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Creativity’s OTHER Dark Night of the Soul: Success out of Success

How to Overcome the Fear of SuccessIn the last post we discussed struggle during the creative process, and how it can be a one-way ticket to Creativity’s Dark Night of the Soul. More importantly, we explored the value of not giving up and allowing a chance at success.

What’s interesting is that the opposite of struggle also has the potential to take many of us straight to the same dark place – only more insidiously and perhaps unconsciously.

I’m talking about the place called “winning.”

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