How to create a compelling, engaging brand.Your brand is the foundation on which everything else rests. A strong brand helps you and/or your organization stand out, be remembered, make decisions and engage others.

Your brand is nothing less than the perception others have about you and/or your business. And you need (and deserve) to control that perception.

A top-notch brand has a purpose (your “why?”), position, promise, essence, values, personality and value proposition.

It’s built from what is true now and also what you aspire to.

It’s relevant, emotionally resonant, sticky, viral and even polarizing.

It’s informed by your business plan, your target audiences and your competition – but it’s driven by your desire to create something meaningful.

Unlocked Box uses a coaching approach to help clients create brands that are all these things. Gutsy brands that move people and shake things up.

Every brand that Unlocked Box has had a hand in creating is deeply meaningful to the individual or organization who owns because of the process used to develop it. It’s not about designing a logo or writing a tagline. It’s about telling a story, understanding every nuance and creating an entity that has a life force of its own.

If you choose to work with Unlocked Box in visioning, creating and/or developing your brand, you’re going to walk away from the engagement with a full brand platform that is deeper, more solid and more charged than most of the brands you see out there. You’ll know inside and out what your stake in the world is, what you’re going to say for your elevator speech, what your marketing needs to be like, what opportunities you can say yes to and which need a no.

In other words, I take branding very seriously and I won’t let any client leave without a super solid brand that they adore. The only caveat is clients who don’t do the work – and it’s fun process, so that hasn’t happened yet.

If you’re ready to create a strong brand of your own, send me an email and let’s set up a time to talk about your goals and find out if we’re a good fit: