unlock your brand

Your brand is the foundation on which everything else rests. A strong brand helps you and/or your organization stand out, be remembered, make decisions and engage others.

Your brand is nothing less than the perception others have about you and/or your business. And you need (and deserve) to control that perception.

  • A top-notch brand has a purpose (your “why?”), position, promise, essence, values, personality and value proposition.
  • It’s built from what is true now and also what you aspire to.
  • It’s relevant, emotionally resonant, sticky, viral and even polarizing.
  • It’s informed by your business plan, your target audiences and your competition – but it’s driven by your desire to create something meaningful.

Unlocked Box uses a coaching approach to help clients create brands that are all these things. Gutsy brands that move people and shake things up.

Every brand that Unlocked Box has had a hand in creating is deeply meaningful to the individual or organization who owns it because of the process we go through to build it. It’s not about designing a logo or writing a tagline. It’s about telling a story, understanding every nuance and creating an entity that has a life force of its own.

If you choose to work with Unlocked Box in visioning, creating and/or developing your brand, you’re going to walk away from the engagement with a full brand platform that is deeper, more solid and more charged than most of the brands you see in the marketplace.

You’ll know inside and out what your and/or your organization’s stake in the world is, what your marketing needs to be like, what opportunities you can say yes to and which need a no.

Short story: We take branding very seriously and we won’t let any client leave without a super solid brand that they adore.

Let’s schedule a time to talk about your business or personal brand and see if we’re a good fit.


Susan facilitated the best brainstorming meeting I’ve ever been part of and helped our team gain clarity around a year of work. She manages to find the perfect balance between a tight process and creative thinking.
Sarah Hemminger
Social Entrepreneur, Scientist, Non-Profit Founder