Unlocked Box coaching focuses on four inter-related areas: Creativity & Innovation, Personal & Business Branding, Personal Presence & Presentation Delivery and Risk Taking (making gutsy leaps in business and life). Following are two case studies illustrating coaching results:

Case Study 1: Breaking Through by Breaking Rules

Client: V.P. of Technology

Situation: Client was acting as a change agent within her organization and was looking to expand her influence further by applying for a board position with one of the education industry’s leading associations. She contracted with Unlocked Box to:

  • Create a vision for her role and impact as a board member within this association.
  • Assist her in overcoming personal blocks that would hinder the application process.
  • Meet the fast-approaching deadline with an application that would standout among the hundreds submitted.

Coaching Support and Outcomes: Unlocked Box initiated shifts in the client’s perspective to bypass her internal critics and call forth her most positive and powerful vision of herself. With this as a foundation, brainstorming techniques were used to enhance the client’s creativity and draw out original thinking. The client’s values and intention were clarified to be used as benchmarks for judging the final application. Discoveries during this phase of the coaching triggered a breakthrough concept for the application that leveraged current technologies, but also broke protocol. This calculated risk required the client to embrace the possibility of failure when she could have easily played it safe. At stake was her confidence to truly engage in a bigger game and promote organizational change in her work. She felt that if she couldn’t go all they way here, she would continually fall into a pattern of holding back, ultimately, cheating herself and her organization out of future innovation. As the client moved through the application process, coaching supported her in staying focused and motivated and true to her creative vision. The result was a board application that broke all the stated rules and enabled the client stand out in a sea of “me-too” applicants. The process also lead to the creation of a popular blog, increased visibility within the education community and several new job opportunities. Beyond the board application, the client learned to trust her instincts, take creative chances and invite more risk-taking among her staff.

Case Study 2: Leaving the Comfort Zone to Work in the Third World

Client: Community Development Manager

Situation: Client was in his 30s, married and had just had his first child. While the client enjoyed his work and had advanced in his career, he realized that he wasn’t having the impact that he had originally envisioned. In fact, he desired to work in a third-world country, living a life of purpose, simplicity and courage and was awakening to the fact that the life he was creating was far from this goal. He had been side-tracked and needed to re-access his path and create a vision for what his contribution would be, as well as how he would achieve it without putting his family at risk. He contracted with Unlocked Box to:

  • Re-examine his core values and determine where and why he was out of synch.
  • Develop a new vision that would allow him to live authentically and also incorporated his current family situation and his wife’s career.
  • Foster the courage to make a bold move that could reveal new and exciting opportunities, but with no guarantee.
  • Create an action plan to achieve his goal that would have him working in the third world within one year.

Coaching Support and Outcomes: Unlocked Box used values clarification, life purpose envisioning and other tools to inspire the client, increase his understanding of himself and jumpstart his internal motivation. Coaching sessions focused on aligning the client’s actions with his values and developing a plan that would fast-forward his progress, without risking his family’s safety. As the client moved toward his goals, Unlocked Box assisted him in managing internal critics who were nearly successful at holding him in his comfort zone and derailing the entire process. Currently, the client is well on his way to achieving his goal. He has successfully integrated his personal values and purpose with that of his family’s without compromising his own integrity. He is implementing a well-researched plan and has narrowed his career path to two options that will have him working in the third world well ahead of deadline. Even more, he was able to navigate internal and external obstacles and multiple unknowns associated with such a dramatic change in lifestyle. He is consciously and determinedly creating an original life.