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Aliens for Innovation

Earlier this year, I shared a few questions you can ask yourself or your team to spark innovation. These questions...

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Creativity vs. Innovation: What’s the Difference? What’s the Innovative Process?

There are many articles already written on the difference between creativity and innovation. In researching the topic for myself, I...

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Creativity at Work: Innovation Exercise – Borrow & Balance

In the last Creativity at Work: Innovation Exercises post, I shared the practice of using questions related to What’s Broken?...

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Creativity at Work: Innovation Exercise – Broken & Brilliant

Now, that we’ve pondered, What is Innovation? in order to come up with a working definition (A New Idea, Creation,...

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Creativity at Work: What is Innovation?

What was really clear from the results of the Creativity & Innovation at Work poll is that finding ways to...

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