client kudos

- Ana Flávia Cavagnoli, Entrepreneur/Organizational Coach

Susan was crucial to helping me develop ideas, define my brand, launch my new company and figure out details related to pricing, products, proposals and more. As a result, she was and continues to be my go-to expert. If you have a dream and want support overcoming all the challenges of translating it into reality, I truly encourage you to talk with Susan.

- Christa M.,
Diet Coach & Psychotherapist in Private Practice

Susan's incredible energy, super skills and fantastic ideas just lit me on fire. When I followed the plan and implemented the ideas we generated for my business, my business took off! She had so many incredible ideas and the specific steps to bring those ideas to fruition. I filled a notepad in an hour and refer back to it constantly. I am filled with gratitude. Thank you, Susan!

- Victoria Eisner, Owner/Teacher, Center for Body, Movement & Mindfulness-based Therapy

Susan is passionate, extraordinary and artful in her craft. She orchestrates the process of “being and becoming” using deep listening, kinesthetic empathy and evocative inquiry. It feels like she joins me in the rhythm of my soul’s journey and guides me to the light switches in the dark passageways.

- Dian Miller,
Business owner and entrepreneur

When uninvited change starts knocking at your door, your once familiar life can become unrecognizable. At age 50, my business of 18 years was slowly wiped out by an emerging technology in my industry. The question “What do I do now?” was waking me up in the middle of the night and draining my energy. Susan’s coaching assisted me through this difficult time. She is remarkably astute, has dynamic strategies to fit your needs and, best of all, is effective in helping you help yourself.

- Jesse Carper Davis

My life radically changed when I started working with Susan. I started a small business five years ago but reached a stage where I felt stuck both in my personal growth and in my knowledge of how to grow. A friend of mine highly recommended Susan. Her presence is full of warmth and passion. She made me feel comfortable and energized immediately. She has helped me reconstruct my fears into motivation. I feel like I am reaching my personal and professional goals so much faster with her help! I highly recommend her services for anyone that needs more knowledge, support and empowerment in growing their dreams.

- Beth Terrence, Shaman/Business Owner

I was blessed to meet Susan at a time of extreme transition in my personal and professional life. Most of my old structures had fallen away and I was struggling to find new ways of moving with life and work. My confidence was at a very low point and my loss and grief were extreme. Susan helped me to look at the big picture, and to recognize my strengths when I could not feel them my self. She held a space for all that was present in my experience in a loving, caring and playful way. She helped me to uncover some of the "gremlins" (saboteurs) which were keeping me from moving and gave me tools that helped me in working with those issues as they arise in my life. Susan helped me to find ways of being and creating which enabled me to be in greater acceptance of my self and to flow more easily with life. As a result of the year I spent working with Susan, I have moved forward with my business in ways I could not have imagined. And more importantly, working with Susan has really helped me to gain greater understanding of my whole being, of how I can move in the world authentically, honoring the truth of who I am. And for that gift, I am so thankful. I continue to work with Susan as the need arises, knowing that her knowledge and insight is an asset to every experience.

- L.N., V.P. Marketing

Since working with Susan, I’ve been able to achieve goals that I talked about doing for ten years but never could. A true guide who helps you see your way. Susan helps you clear the clutter and FOCUS on any issues you need to solve or goals you want to achieve. A pleasure to work with and some one who has helped me tremendously in my personal and professional life.

- Penny Lynch, Director of Residential Services, Bello Machre

Unlocked Box did a fabulous job creating and conducting a communication and conflict resolution training for 52 front-line managers within our organization. The process began with an input and brainstorming session to better understand our goals and ascertain desired outcomes. From that conversation, Unlocked Box developed a workshop that incorporated a variety of learning styles, a hands-on experiential learning activity and take-away exercises for our managers to implement right away. Many attendees shared that this was one of the best trainings they had ever attended.

- Kyle Janus

I would recommend Susan to anyone looking to find more fulfillment and better balance your life. At a time when I lacked goals and direction in life, the powerful coaching I received from Unlocked Box helped me to identify personal values, expand limiting perspectives, and build momentum toward purposeful living.

- Esmée St. James,
Business owner and entrepreneur

You are simply AMAZING, Susan!!! If you’re an entrepreneur and want to grow your business like mad, Unlocked Box is the place to go.”

- Amy Bloom Connolly

Susan Bishop provided leadership, inspiration and positive direction as the President of the Advisory Board for the Center for Mindful Awareness (CMA) from 2013 to 2017. Susan was always been responsive as challenges and concerns arose, and generously reached out to many people in her extensive network who then helped support the CMA in substantial ways. Through times of change and re-definition, she remained focused on our mission, often raising difficult questions that needed consideration, and guided conversations to reach positive solutions. Susan is a powerhouse of ideas and implementation strategies. Throughout her term as president, she was passionate about our mission, creative in her solutions and an excellent spokeswoman for the change we seek to create. I am honored to have had her as a leader within the CMA team.

- Dave Elliott, Baltimore Washington Power Team

Susan was the featured speaker at the Baltimore Washington Power Team meeting in July. She was an incredibly energetic and informative speaker and used improv exercises and principles to teach participants how to get comfortable taking risks and stretching beyond their comfort zone. Susan kept our participants interested, engaged and drew out the learning points from each interactive exercise. Everyone left having learned something new about themselves, with a strategy for improving their communication flexibility – all while having a great time. Feedback from participants was excellent.

- Ann H., Publisher

I get so much out of working with Susan. Her curiosity about ME opens internal doors I didn't know were there. Then she cheers me on to explore these new open spaces, and my life expands in fabulous ways. Worth the time? Worth the money? Oh - yeah!