what is coaching & why choose unlocked box?

Coaching is a process that uses conversation to help individuals, teams and organizations move forward consciously, powerfully and in alignment with their purpose and values.

Unlocked Box specializes in working with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, leaders and teams to:

  • Clarify and launch their vision
  • Enhance their creativity and innovation
  • Increase their impact
  • Overcome obstacles to success
  • And, generally, play a gutsier game on this planet

Coaching is either directive or non-directive. The non-directive model places more emphasis on the learning process with the coach acting as a catalyst for your growth.

Unlocked Box uses the co-active coaching model developed by the Coaches Training Institute of San Rafael, CA and is a non-directive approach.

The co-active model shares many characteristics of other non-directive methods, but what sets it apart is the strong emphasis placed on relationship – an emphasis that stems from the four cornerstones of co-active coaching, as well as the designed alliance of the model.

Co-active coaches take the stance that you, the client, are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed. Instead, you are amazing, unique and completely capable of finding the answers to absolutely anything. You want a coach to shine the flashlight in places you might not be looking, to point out holes you may not see and to offer truthfulness, relentlessness and support.

In co-active coaching, the client creates the agenda. This allows you to focus on development that is meaningful to you and, therefore, more likely to have lasting impact.

Co-active coaching addresses your whole life. You are a multi-faceted human being, with a whole life that must be fulfilling if you are to be truly satisfied. So, no matter what you come to coaching for, you can bring anything you want – and it can change from session to session.

The co-active coach dances in the moment, which may sound odd but is a very powerful technique that encourages and supports thinking way outside the box, taking you to creative, surprising and fruitful places.

Unlocked Box’s Designed Alliance

The designed alliance is the co-created relationship between coach and client. It is a shared commitment between you and me. The designed alliance is important because coaching balances support with creating sufficient challenge for learning – and a deep level of trust is needed for this dynamic to work. When this type of alliance exists, individuals are able to stretch beyond their current level of capability. In her research of highly creative partnerships, Vera John-Steiner (2000) refers to this co-created relationship as the emotional scaffolding that provides “…the gift of confidence, and [allows] creative people [to lean on that gift] during periods of self doubt.”

Brave Coaching for Brave People: Co-active coaching takes guts. As your coach, I will throw rocks through your windows of reality in service of revealing the possibilities that lie just beyond. I expect my clients to bring their full selves to the table, be willing to be challenged and to stretch themselves. The pay-off is immense: a more impactful you. Read on to explore what you’ll get from our coaching alliance.

Source: “Organizational Impact of Co-Active Coaching” Arthur Shirk, pcc, cpcc – June 2005

what will I get out of coaching?

Unlocked Box coaching will hold you to your highest self. Each session we’ll work toward increasing your fulfillment, helping you make empowered choices and illuminating your process. All work we do together will be in service of deepening your learning about who you are and forwarding your action toward what you want. In short: Coaching will help you play a bigger, more meaningful game.

Here’s what adding Unlocked Box coaching to your personal growth efforts can do for you:

Coaching Unlocks What’s Possible

It is my job to crack through the obstacles and help you create from what is possible rather than circumstances. While it may seem pie-in-the-sky to shift focus from “reality” to mere possibility, you will be amazed by what can happen when you do.

Coaching Creates Powerful People

Coaching helps you discover who you really are – beyond the roles you take on in your life. From that knowledge comes the opportunity and impetus to act from a place of great strength and commitment – to feel powerful and certain; open and non-defensive; honest and real.

Coaching is a Playground for Change

Unlocked Box coaching begins with a designed alliance between you and me that’s built around trust; this unique relationship creates an atmosphere ideal for experimenting with new ideas and behaviors. The results are faster growth and faster action toward your goals, a safer environment for risk-taking and more fun.

Coaching Reveals the Big Picture

Coaching is not superficial. It is interested in the deeper meaning – issues and ideas that breathe life into your world. Coaching does not simply ask what problem do you need to solve today? But, where do you want to go? What is your vision? The work done in coaching focuses on the big picture and works with specific actions to get there.

Coaching Lets You Play a Bigger Game

Coaching holds you BIG. It holds you accountable. It challenges you to raise your bar and go for the gusto. The work you will do during the sessions and in-between makes it possible for you to become the person you want to be – to show up authentically for your amazing life.

Coaching Kicks Asses

Coaching demands that you show up real. Even though coaching relationships are playful, it’s hard work. In fact, coaching works exactly because it fast-forwards learning and action which can make for a wild ride. You must be willing to metaphorically step off the cliff and find out what’s there. You must want to kick yourself into high gear and blow the lid off your potential. Willingness, honesty and desire are all you need to start.