what is unlocked box consulting?

While coaching is a powerful way to deepen learning and fast-forward results, sometimes you just want someone to do it for you. That’s where Unlocked Box consulting comes in.

Whether you need help creating your brand or marketing communications, brainstorming breakthrough ideas or developing content and presentations, Unlocked Box has the experience to deliver the results you want.

Here’s what Unlocked Box offers:

branding & marketing communications consulting

Unlocked Box will work with you to develop a complete brand platform that’s relevant, resonant, memorable and engaging; communications and content that move people to action; a customer experience that makes your brand come alive; and a forward-thinking marketing plan to keep you in action.

brainstorming facilitation

Idea generation is one of the most fun, challenging and sometimes scary endeavors we can undertake. And while it’s certainly possible to be brilliant alone, having a partner or facilitator can be invaluable.

Unlocked Box brainstorming sessions are a hyper-focused and super-charged tool that you can use whenever you need to get another head working for you.

Sessions are perfect for entrepreneurs who, by definition, must often work in a vacuum, for creative professionals who want to push their boundaries and organizations seeking fresh ideas and greater innovation to gain a competitive edge.


Susan is an award-winning creative professional who spent over 15 years in ad agencies developing marketing communications for some of the world’s best-known brands. She is well-versed in all mediums including digital, TV/video, radio and print. In her former agency life, she worked on accounts such as National Public Radio, the American Red Cross, Discovery Channel, Puerto Rico Tourism, The Baltimore Zoo, Inter-Continental Hotels and Resorts, White House Black Market and many more. Today, Unlocked Box works with all types of organizations to develop their brands and marketing strategies, and to assist with execution.