Creative Confidence – A Definition

The definition of creative confidence from the Children's Creativity Museum

What causes one person to create with abandon and another person to hold back their creativity? In word, confidence. More specifically: CREATIVE CONFIDENCE.

Creative confidence is a term that’s used a lot in discussions about fostering innovation, being prolific, raising creative kids and more. It’s especially discussed by IDEO founder, David Kelley – a thought leader in the discussion around creativity.

Over the next few posts, I want to launch into a deeper exploration of creative confidence:

  • What it means
  • How to get it
  • How to keep it
  • And how to pass it on

Starting with an excellent 2011 article from the Children’s Creativity Museum on Defining Creative Confidence, which has stood the test of time and defines the term in a way that made me tear up.

It did that because imparting the belief that “all of the ideas you create have value,” just could not be a better expression of what drives me – and what this blog is all about. Communicating this truth to all people and especially to the next generation is, for me, a personal mission and life’s work. 

In addition to defining the term “creative confidence,” the author illuminates the process the Children’s Creativity Museum went through in arriving at its definition and also shares how it has impacted their customer experience.

I found Defining Creative Confidence beyond fascinating and I want to share it with you as the start to this discussion – I hope you enjoy!

Here’s the link again:

Read “Defining Creative Confidence” by Ben Growsman-Kahn of the Children’s Creativity Museum

To the value of ALL ideas,

Susan B.

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