Creative Un-stucking – The Best of Un-stucking Advice

Well, this is it. The final article in the creative un-stucking series (at least for the time being): CREATIVE UN-STUCKING TIPS from EVERYWHERE.

Thanks to all who read the series and a comment. While I made a last ditch effort to wrangle some of you into sharing your unstucking ideas, I did not get a slew of responses. The final total: zero. So, instead of sharing our best ideas, I’ve collected some of the best blog posts on the subject and am sharing them below. I think you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I did.

The Best of the How to Unstuck Yourself Creatively Advice:

The Art of Getting Creatively Un-Stuck (+ Why You Sometimes Have to Kill Off Your Inner Nice Girl by Justine Musk

How to Get Unstuck if You’re a Creative Freak Suffering From Creative Paralysis by Karen Daniels (Zen Copy)

Remove The Dead Wood, Let The New Growth Breathe by Dan Goodwin (A Big Creative Yes)

PODCAST: Noah Scalin on Getting Unstuck produced by Todd Henry founder of Accidental Creative – Noah is the author of a 2011 book called Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing at Home, at Work & in Your Studio

Getting Unstuck by Todd Henry (Accidental Creative)

Getting Unstuck – 7 Techniques to Shake the Creative Duldrums by Tracy (Bent Tuba Studio)

To sharing about our stuck,

Susan B.

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