Creativity at Work: The Big What’s Next

Time flies.

Only yesterday, weren’t we just beginning to move from economic and social constructs around agrarianism and into the age of machines – the Industrial Revolution? Certainly, we breezed through that, because now we are sitting smack at what some consider the last days of the Information Age – the age that made this blog possible and connected us all in this big, broad world.

Although the “last days” could last a long, long time – and given that, of course, we never fully leave behind the trappings of any age, even though they may cease to define us), we are already seeing glimpses of and hypothesizing about the great What’s Next.

So, what do you think will be the post-information age, and how will we think of ourselves in it?

While there are multiple very cool and very educated predictions about what’s next for us (including ideas about greater awareness, experience, the quantum world, spirituality and transcending time and space – okay, that one may be way far away, but it’s oh so compelling), when you look for commonalities and ponder what might be a logical next step between information and then information overload and then, hmmm, transcending time and space; AND if you do a lot of reading, especially taking note of what’s being published right now, one word keeps rising to the surface: Innovation.

Perhaps more convincing is what we’re hearing in the news about what’s needed now – from the push for better math and science education to reports that the nature of work has outpaced our skill sets and, finally, to the direct quotes that we need new talents if we expect to innovate, it seems as though there’s a pretty good chance innovation will be, at the least, a cornerstone of coming age – if not the defining characteristic. Even the spirituality centered predictions about What’s Next (awareness, experience, quantum physics), fit neatly into the idea that innovation could really be the thing. To me, these are serious drivers for getting us past struggle around innovation and into ease.

Of course, if innovation is What’s Next from “age of” perspective, the on-the-ground challenge is how do we become more innovative? How do we apply our creativity to solving the problems of now and of tomorrow? Where must creativity and innovation come into play at work? And, how do we each bring more of and expand this inherent aspect of our beings?

In short, how do we become a creative force?

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to explore innovation and creativity at work – creativity and innovation in business in general, in our own businesses and in our jobs and careers. 

As someone who primarily coaches entrepreneurs and solopreneurs on accessing their creativity and ability to innovate in order to realize their purpose and vision in the world, make a living and basically lead a charged existence, I’m really excited about having this conversation with you – and I hope you’ll participate.

In fact, we can start right now – with this very topic of What’s Next.

Forget for a minute that I mentioned innovation – and especially realize that I do not know – and let’s revisit the question I asked you at the top of the article:

What is the big What’s Next? What “age of” do you think we’re next to enter?

Share your response in a comment to this post — let’s see what we all can think up about the exciting times to come. 

To imagining a future beyond our imaginations.

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