Creativity Saboteurs – Busting Through Our Internal & External Nay-Sayers

It doesn’t matter if we’re just beginning to explore our creative process or have been at it for years, internal (and external) saboteurs still tend to be the biggest roadblock to creative success – affecting our ability to even get started, see creative projects through to finish and generally be as prolific as we’d like.

But the good news is that we never have to banish our saboteurs completely, we can simply learn how to better navigate and manage them.

To that end, here are three past Idea Tango articles that offer a little “how-to” for beginning to bypass three of the most common creativity saboteur categories: Internal Creativity Saboteurs, External Creativity Saboteurs (a.k.a. Others) and what can actually be the trickiest creativity saboteur of all, Technique:

Tips & Tricks for Navigating Your Internal Creativity Saboteur

Others – The External Creativity Saboteur

Technique – The Sneaky Creativity Killer

To happy (and productive) saboteur thumping.

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