How to increase creativity and innovationWhat projects are you working on now that could use an influx of fresh ideas?
What’s holding you back from expressing your innate creativity?
Why is innovating so difficult and how can you do more of it and design a culture that supports it?

Today’s business environment demands rapid idea generation and fearless brainstorming. Unlocked Box uses coaching, facilitation, experiential learning and tools such as improvisation to help individuals and organizations increase creativity and innovation – and generally build creative confidence.

Here’s a few ways to use Unlocked Box:

  • Facilitated Brainstorming
  • Workshops Teaching Idea Generation Strategies
  • Support (coaching and facilitation) around Designing Creative Cultures

The topics we can work on together cover the following and many more:

  • Smart Risk-Taking
  • Fears and Internal Critics
  • Stuck Places
  • Project Selection & Evaluation
  • Procrastination
  • Focus and Perseverance
  • Rejection & Success
  • Confidence
  • Creating Time for Creativity & Innovation

Let’s schedule a time to talk about what you’re working on and seeking to achieve personally, in business or within your organization. You can email me at or visit the connect page.