meet susan bishop

Susan is a feet-to-the-fire certified professional co-active coach (cpcc) who works with entrepreneurs, founders, executives and any individual or organization seeking to shake mountains. Her coaching emphasizes innovation, leadership, branding, culture and change — and is ideal for defining vision, launching ideas, powering presence and increasing impact.

She is credentialed through the internationally recognized Co-Active Training Institute in the co-active model which is designed to help clients stretch their sightline, leave the comfort zone and gain the courage to be ALL IN.

Co-Active Coaching has impacted the lives and careers of thousands of managers and leaders around the world. It has led to the first ICF accredited coach training program, the most widely used text book in coaching and the largest number of certified coaches globally.

Susan began her career in the creative departments of ad agencies and knows what it’s like to put ideas out there.

She is a poet, artist and cyclist, as well as a step-mom to two amazing women and wife to a man who still has no idea what she does for a living.