unlock your personal power and presence — and grow your emerging leaders

Making empowered, conscious choices about how you show up in the world matters, and agility in that arena is one of the biggest secrets to why some people are so darn good at presenting their ideas, building consensus and generally “owning the room.”

Equally, creating presentations that compel attention, engage your audience and drive action matters, too.

Your personal presence and the power of your presentation are the power combo for getting your message out, building community, leading your tribe, raising capital and/or becoming the go-to person or organization for whatever it is you want to be the go-to for. 

Sadly, the one tool that was meant to help us all present better has become the biggest crutch for presenters and the ultimate destroyer of audience engagement.  I’ll get off my soapbox about this, but hopefully you know which tool I mean.

Working with Unlocked Box on presence and presentations, you’ll:

  • Gain self awareness about how you’re currently showing up.
  • Explore and refine your personal brand.
  • Become more flexible and responsive, trusting your intuition and able to deliver what’s needed in the moment.
  • Navigate internal saboteurs that stop you from getting up in front of people – or that hold you back from being as powerful as you could be.
  • Use tools in a way that immerses your audience and makes you unforgettable.
  • Design more creative presentations, speeches, workshops and/or pitches.

Let’s schedule a time to talk about what you want as a founder, leader and/or entrepreneur, as well as you want you need to empower your team to lead.