Not Letting Your Talent Stop You from Finding Your What’s Next

TRAPPED BY OUR TALENT: Just because you’re exceptional at it, doesn’t mean you need to keep doing it.

Recently, I was reminded how tough it can be to change directions. Especially, when you’re great at what you do – and have even loved doing it for a long time. When this is the case, finding your what’s next can be really challenging.

Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way says that when we decide finally to jump into what we want to do creatively, that the universe will send us what she calls THE TEST. Something that tries to pull us back to our comfort zone, to what we know.

But the only way to “pass the test” is to stick to our guns and just say NO. To not let your talent for one thing cheat you out of finding your what’s next – or, better put, your WHAT ELSE.

Instead, to break free and carve out a new space. A space that, soon, we will be exceptional at, too.

To your next “What Else”

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